• Monsters suddenly appear in the Castle of Light!
    The protagonist of this story, a hero named Wright, rushes in to aid!
  • The story is told through comic strips, panels, and animation that are all hand-drawn!
  • It’s time to watch a picture story!
    A hero never forgets their daily training! (Ten thousand practice swings!)
  • Suddenly, a shrill cry is heard from above!
    Ahhh! A girl is falling from the sky!
Field (or Map)
  • This is Cardboadia, the land in which The Legend of Wright is set!
  • The first dungeon is called The Cave of Beginnings!
    The thrilling grand adventure begins here!
  • The hero makes a brief stop at a place called The Town of Departures.
    Peel off the sticky note covering the bustling tavern to look inside!
  • A hand-drawn map that shows all the town’s important facilities!
    Your destinations can all be found at a glance!
  • This Illusionary Forest looks suspicious!
    A mysterious old woman awaits the hero at the entrance...
  • It’s a giant maze inside the Illusionary Forest!
    Navigate the myriad trees and rivers, and defeat enemies to reach the exit!
  • A Fireman appears!
    Who will reign supreme in this scorching battle!?
  • Unique and loveable monsters all require different strategies to defeat! No two battles are the same!
  • A Horse Knight covered in impenetrable armor appears!
    Is there a way to break through its ironclad defense!?
Gimmicks (or How to Play)
  • Use Kenta’s hand-crafted directional pad to move the hero!
  • There is an area called Button Mountain located right above the notebook, where various action buttons the hero can use for their adventure are stacked high.
  • When Kenta gives you the “Dig” button, look at the ground carefully and try to dig through to proceed!
  • A sudden baseball match against a mole begins! Use the “Hit” button to hit back the mole’s pitches!
  • Kenta impulsively erases a road with his eraser!
    The game can make unexpected turns at the young gamemaster’s whim!
  • It’s game over if you run out of life!
    Wake the hero up to try again!
    If you don’t know what to do next, try reading the hints!